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Dr Roger Carter MBE

Managing Director, TEAM
Roger is an experienced tourism strategist, destination planner, marketer, and operational manager who has played a leadership role in the successful development of the tourism industry within the UK and internationally.  He established TEAM Tourism Consulting, in 1997, since when he has managed, directed or overseen approximately 250 projects in more than 30 countries around the world.

Before establishing TEAM, Roger worked for DMOs at national, regional and city level in the UK, 15 years at CEO level.  As a consultant, he has worked with more than 80 DMOs, on all aspects of destination development, management and marketing.

As practitioner and consultant, Roger has written or co-authored 50+ destination strategies and plans for many different types of destination.  Currently he is working as an individual destination management specialist for the World Bank in North Macedonia, establishing destination management structures and processes throughout the country; and for OECD on a similar project in Romania.

Roger has also worked extensively with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and its partners, co-authoring many publications and speaking regularly at UNWTO conferences and seminars on all aspects of destination management and marketing and on the use of e-business by tourism destinations. He co-authored of the UNWTO’s ‘Practical handbook on destination management’ and six other publications for UNWTO and its partners; and programme organiser of five international Destination Management conferences for the UNWTO.  He was Director of the UNWTO’s first and only global survey of DMOs in 2004-5, repeated in 2017 for Destination Marketing Association International.